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Giving families the power to stay connected and share resources



Founded in 2016, FAMin’s mission is to give families the power to stay connected and to share resources. People use FAMin to share with their family and friends, moments in their children’s lives and crowdfund needs in that child’s life. FAMin is changing the way family is done.


Key Features

  • Mobile Friendly (Give on the Go)
  • Child Friendly (Keep children engaged as they grow)
  • FAMin Piggy Banks for all your child’s needs
  • Give Worldwide
  • Connect Worldwide
  • Families create, track and accomplish financial goals
  • Quick money transfer
  • Track payments

How It Works

FAMin personal online Family Fundraising piggy banks for all of your kids needs!
FAMin is an online family network for today’s modern families. Create a profile, Invite people to
join your FAMin, set goals for your children’s needs, share and receive money. Saving for your
kids has never been so fun or simple!

Step 1

Start Your FAMin Family

Get started by creating your profile and adding your children
Simple and easy sign-up process
It only takes a few seconds
Sign-up using facebook-logo.png 

Step 2

Create and grow your FAMin

Invite Family and Friends to join Your FAMin (personal) or Extended FAMin(private) via text or email notification. Share as much or as little as you like on your personal and private page. FAMin’s high level security keeps family moments safe and secure!

Step 3

Set a Goal

Identify a need or a goal and create a FAMin Piggy Bank for your child. No matter how big or small. We suggest you start with the small things.

  • Healthcare items (diapers, bottles, etc)
  • Clothing
  • Child care
  • “Tooth Fairy Fund”
  • Gifts
  • School Supplies
  • Tuition
  • Fundraising (school, sports teams, extracurricular activities)
  • College Savings Ie. 529 plan
  • Make support payments
  • Charitable donations to needy families

Step 4

Share with your Family

Share with your Family anywhere in the world and receive the benefits of FAMin
“It takes a Virtual Village to Raise a Child”, as well as a few coins!

piggy bank.png

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